Lions Put Three On Pro Bowl Roster: Hockenson, Ragnow, Fox

Not the year we wanted with the Detroit Lions but some good news for everyone involved: TJ Hockenson, Frank Ragnow and Jock Fox all made the pro bowl team for the first time in their careers.

In a year where we fired our GM and head coach, this is what we needed heading into the off season. And the bigger picture is, all these guys can be legit building blocks for our future. If Stafford made the pro bowl, it would have just been ho hum. Sure, it’s exciting, but Stafford isn’t going to be around for to much longer. Maybe a couple years but we’re moving on sooner or later. It is what it is. But, having three very young guys is exciting. Not just for now but for the future of where this franchise is going.

TJ Hockenson is proving, that using a top 10 pick on him wasn’t a mistake, like every single fan and radio host said it was. And don’t give me the “well we could have drafted someone better at that spot” dude save it. You cant complain about everything. If everyone knew Travis Kelce was going to be Travis Kelce, every team would have drafted him in the top 5. TE’s aren’t sure things. But if you can get one, you get one. And we got one. Not many TE were better than Hock this season. I think it goes Kelce, Waller and Hockenson. I mean it’s his 2nd year in the league. We have a superstar on our hands, people.

Frank Ragnow is a boring pick. But boring picks win championship. (Oh, the lions have won so many championships) I’m so far ahead of you guys on your slime ball jokes. I could be wrong and I’m not going to do the research but I think Ragnow was drafted three years ago? 3 or 4 but either way, Frank, is the arguably the best center in football. And he’s the toughest men I’ve ever seen. He played through a throat injury. A THROAT INJURY. I would have ran home wondering if I will ever breathe again. Frank just keeps blocking, massive, massive men. Taylor Decker, Jonah Jackson, Frank Ragnow. We’re over the half way mark of building one the best offensive lines in football.

Jack Fox is so much better than Sam Martin. Idk why Sam Martin was a fan favorite in Detroit, he sucked. It was so obvious how better Jack Fox was than Sam Martin. While we’re on the special teams topic, The Lions fired their special-teams coordinator, Shawn McCombs (I hope I spelled his name wrong because I don’t respect him) To me, it was the right decision. All the news that came out about him being a “me guy” was so obvious because throughout the year, just looking at him on the sideline, with his slicked back hair, young cool guy look, it just makes so much sense he was a me guy. But, whenever you completely go against your boss and do some thing that he says you shouldn’t do, even if you disagree with him, you get fired. In what job do you not get fired from that? If your boss told you to not do this one certain thing and you go and do it behind his back, every single person in the world gets fired.

It was good to see so many Detroit Lions on the pro bowl team. The future is bright and we’re not that far away. No matter what you hear or what you think, we have the pieces and we’re just missing a few small things. Hopefully that is coaching or a couple defensive adjustments but I’m telling you, were close.


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