NFL Refs Don’t Have The Balls To Make A Call Against Aaron Rodgers And It’s Disgusting

How many examples do we need? I’m sure every fan base can give a couple opinions on this but today was another glaring exhibition that refs are afraid to make Aaron Rogers upset.

1. The 3 and out the Packers had right after halftime and the refs threw a magical defensive holding flag. That led to a 9 minute drive and killed us.

2. The Marvin Jones deep pass that everyone knew he got both feet in bounds, killed us. Even Dean Blandino said it was a catch. But, again these refs were afraid to make a call. We still scored but it made us lose 3 extra minutes on the clock.

3. The onside kick, that was also pretty obvious, we got it. Miles wasn’t out of bounds and we made a incredible kick with side spin. Again, the refs had no balls and just coped out with a “play stands” call. Such B.S.

These were three simple examples of the NFL just afraid to make Aaron Rodgers upset. It is getting so old. I know this looks like I’m blaming the refs and every fan base sounds like this, but you know if the roles were switched, Rodgers gets every one of those calls. And that hit that injured Stafford and made him leave the game, that’s a penalty 100/100 times if it was Aaron Rodgers. If you disagree, you are probably a packers fan.

Thank god the Pistons are on to help the feels on this Sunday night.


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