Tim Hortons Is Coming To Carleton!

Every single person who went to Airport High School have all had this same thought at one point…

“If Carleton had a fast food spot, it would be the biggest thing ever”

Well, it’s here. We’re getting a fast food spot. Technically a coffee spot. But, Tim Hortons is the king of coffee. And the breakfast menu is arguably better than McDonald’s. The lunch menu can also go up against some of the big dawgs but breakfast all day is something Carleton wants and needs.

The location is currently being built at the corner of Will- Carleton road and 275 North and South bound entrances and exit. If you drive by the location you will be able to see the bricks being laid and the foundation being set. It’s going to be a gas station with a Tim Horton’s built into it.

LifeTakes has the inside scoop and wanted to let the people know what is going. Because, we do it for the people. Enjoy your football Saturday. Couple more weeks and it’s over. Go get a Tim Horton’s coffee and soak it in!


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