The Greatest Rivalry in College Football – It’s not “The Game”

“The Game” between Ohio State and Michigan has been cancelled this year due to COVID.

Is it probable that Jim Harbaugh orchestrated this cancellation in order to save his job at Michigan as Head Coach. Perhaps a year without a(nother) loss (they would have gotten absolutely steam rolled this Saturday) to Ohio State will save his job? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. “The Game” has not mattered realistically since 2006 when it was Undefeated #1 vs. Undefeated #2 in the country playing for a trip to the BCS Championship. You could argue 2016 mattered, and I could agree with that but it doesn’t fit the narrative of this blog. Realistically the Buckeyes have absolutely dominated the contest the past 20 years.

The Stats (wiki):

Meetings total116
All-time seriesMichigan leads, 58–51–6[1][n 1]
Largest victoryMichigan 86, Ohio State 0 (1902)
Longest win streakMichigan, 9 (1901–1909)
Current win streakOhio State, 8 (2012–present)

Now the real greatest rivalry in college football is not even a Power 5 Matchup.

Bowling Green–Toledo football rivalry - Wikipedia

This is a true College Football Rivalry. This is a true family divided game.

The Stats (wiki):

Meetings total84
All-time seriesToledo leads 41–40–4[1]
Largest victoryToledo, 63–0 (1935)
Longest win streakby Bowling Green, 12 (1955–1966)
by Toledo, 9 (2010-2018)
Current win streakToledo, 1 (2020)

The cool thing about this rivalry is that it has the potential to be not only played once a season, but these teams could theatrically match up in Ford Field for the MAC Title (not this season but in general).

Now, when faced with the difficult decision to have football this season, the MAC didn’t schedule The Battle of I-75 to be the last slated game of the year, no no no no, they made it Game Numero UNO! Did they know that a second wave or curve of the virus was going to happen? Possibly, I don’t know. But the facts are that BGSU vs Toledo have not missed a meeting since Toledo whooped BG so bad in 1935 they stopped playing Toledo for 13 seasons, picking the rivalry back up in 1948 – which has continued to this season.

I don’t wanna hear about Auburn vs. Alabama.

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