Realistic approach to extending the College Football Playoff

With the most recent events occurring to Ohio State and the college football playoff looming it’s time to break down a realistic approach to an expansion plan. 2020 being the year of great change it may be in our best interest to open up the CFP and allow additional teams to fight for their chance.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are full steam ahead at collecting the #1 seed for the season. They are a clear lock with a SEC Championship win. Along with Notre Dame winning out in the ACC conference they are also locked. This leaves 4-6 teams in question all with playoff potential.

An expanded playoff has been talked over since the evolution of the CFP. This would be the most ideal year to experiment with an expanded playoff scene. With teams scrambling to collect wins and playoff hopes looming why not try this year?

Visualizing the possibility of a 6-team playoff where Alabama and Notre Dame are the one and two seeds with first game bye weeks would be ideal. But this raises the question of whether a group of 5 school could potentially make a CFP with an expanded 8 team playoff. The CFP could still begin to shuffle with these closing weeks ahead of us, we will continue to monitor the likelihood of an expansion.


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