Michigan vs Ohio State….. CANCELED!

Jim Harbaugh is a intense guy. He once smeared blood all over his face for a pregame speech at Stanford.

He had a group of men ready to run through a brickwall for him when he was in San Fransisco.

His first couple years at Michigan, he had the boys playing vert hard and at a different level. Right now, present day, this isn’t the same Jim Harbaugh. This is a different Jim. It makes you think though. Did spending so many years in Ann Arbor make him soft? Is being a dad to like 4 young kids who are in middle school make him soft?

It’s impossible to know unless Jim comes out himself and spills the beans on what is going on. But, when I found out the news, that Michigan vs Ohio State was canceled due to a Covid outbreak on Michigan’s roster, it made me smile. Ohio State must play 6 games to be eligible for the big ten championship. They are 5-0. Needed this one easy win vs Michigan to make it and keep their playoff hopes alive.

We got murdered by 50 some points the last two seasons. And one of the seasons we thought we had a big ten championship caliber team. Still got beat by 50. We would have lost by 75 this weekend.

IF for some reason Jim had any control over this and it was his idea to cancel the game and dodge the buckeyes.

Then, I know Jim Harbaugh is back. I hope to god Jim was thinking about this video the whole time he was trying to get the game canceled.

You have to fast forward to 3:10 mark to see what exactly Harbaugh was thinking. But this truly makes you think…. The Jim Harbaugh he all wanted and wish was here…. might be back. Stay tuned .


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