King Henry Who? Browns Get First Winning Season in 13 Years, After Titans Victory

Like getting your driver’s license at 16 or getting your high school/college diploma, it’s one of those feelings you just can’t believe is real. Though you may be holding that license or diploma in your hand, you still have that feeling that it just doesn’t feel real. That is how exactly I feel with the now 9-3 Browns.

Though the final score may look closer than it was, the anti-Baker slander was put to rest after the Oklahoma product went absolute dummy, putting on a career and historic performance against a very good Titans team.

Coming off the bye week, I predicted the Browns would lose three games, one of those included the Titans. With that, going into Sunday’s contest, my feelings were very neutral on the outcome. If they won, great, if not, I wouldn’t of been too upset knowing who they were facing. However, just like anything in 2020, anything goes and life just brings you full of surprises.

Baker looked absolutely in his element this week, probably the most comfortable I’ve ever seen him play in his 3 year tenure with the team. Was he just on today? Was not having OBJ taking the pressure off him? Who knows and who cares when you go 19/23 for 4 touchdowns before you even hit half time, making him the 2nd Browns’ QB since Otto Graham to do so. The Bake Show was alive.

With this, another key element to the team’s success was their ability to stop the human tank Derrick Henry, who I thought was going to go full Dalvin Cook on them. But with a little faith, the team showed that the real King Henry was left back in 1509, limiting him to only 60 yards on the ground, on 15 carries. The team’s defense is the true slept on hero for their success all season, especially when the offense can’t get going.

The Browns showed up as a real playoff contending team, putting up 41 against the 17th best defense in the league. However, the biggest Achilles heel of the game was in fact the second half. If you would’ve looked at the box score, you would’ve thought it was a shootout throughout the game when that wasn’t really the case. With a 38-7 lead at halftime, the Browns seemed to have went back to their early-mid 2000’s days where they come out the gate on all cylinders, then come the back half of the game, they just ran out of juice allowing the Titans to out score them 28-3 in the second half. If the Browns want to have any chance come playoffs, they’re gonna have to be able to just win games out right, without letting their opponents come back that easily.


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