Let’s Go Lions! We’re Back!

1st comeback win with being down by more than 10 points since 2014!!!

Let’s go.

I know I’ve been a huge Patrica guy, but don’t get me wrong I’m a Detroit Lions guy at the fore front. No matter who the coach is, I’m going to be in their corner. Didn’t want Caldwell fired. Didn’t want Patrica fired. But here we are and man, the boys played hard today. You probably can guess it but if we win out and look okay the rest of the season. We might have to keep Darrel Bevell as the head coach?

I mean it’s obvious he has the locker room. The guys are going to play hard for him. It was proven today. Why would we want to bring a different person in here and make him try and re earn the trust of the players when it’s clear, Bevell has that. The way they all jumped all over him at the end of game, just shows how much they like him.

Finish the season out strong. Draft a QB, let him sit for a year and let’s not blow this thing up completely. We have a competent team, we just needed a little pick me up. I’m all for tanking and getting a higher draft pick but all we do is criticize/ complain when we have top 10 picks. Let’s just draft 14-18 and draft boring guys like Frank Ragnow and keep this this going.


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