Toledo Beach Marina Burns Down

Everyone has probably already seen the news but Toledo Beach Marina in Lasalle, Michigan caught fire this morning and it was quite the scene. I hope everyone involved is safe with no injuries but I know a lot of people lost their boat, which can cost a lot of money and many people will be devastated. Especially if they have no boat come summer time.

Not to take away from all the terrible things that happen but seeing the video of the flames and the smoke was an unbelievable scene. This may have been the biggest thing I’ve ever seen catch fire. I’ll let the video speak for itself:

Unbelievable. This fire was roaring at 7ish AM and makes you think, what happen?

Someone accidentally drop a cigarette and caught something dry on fire? Was it a Marty Byrd situation? What about the brother from Bloodline? Or was it just a boat error and the engine caught fire and caught everything else on fire?

I don’t know if they can ever pin point the exact moment of the accident. If someone passed away, I know it was an accident. If no one passed away, I’m leaning toward an inside job. I hope the best for everyone involved and I hope the best of everyone who lost their boat. Definitely not something they wanted to deal with heading into the weekend.

Also, is this Marina in Michigan or Ohio? Why is it called Toledo if it’s in Lasalle, Michigan? And why is it so close to Detroit? So many unanswered questions.


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