Spotify Drops 2020 Wrapped

This this is probably my favorite new December tradition of the 2010’s – everyone that has Spotify uploads their Wrapped to their social medias. I am not one that pays a lot of attention to Stories on social media but I am genuinely interested in the music my friends are listening to. Sidenote: if you have the Spotify desktop app you can see what your friends are listening to in real time. I am known to just que up what the homies are listening to, its like were listening together when when we’re apart.

When I first signed up for Spotify in the beginning of 2019 I had no idea that this existed – then December came and I was pleasantly surprised. Those wizards at Spotify had taken all the data that they collected and served it up to me on a silver platter – The Top 5 Songs and Artists, number of different genres and total of new artists that I listened that year. Finally, a company that doesn’t try to sell my data to advertisers (maybe they do – but I don’t see it or hear it – so it’s fine), all they do is show me new songs and artists that they think I’ll like.

I’ve heard someone say, “Listening to New Music is like protein, Listening to Old Music is like carbs” – Let’s break this down – Both are necessary to survive, carbs give you that energy you need to get sh*t done, while protein is the building blocks that make up your body. Now, for some context – when the person said this they were referring to “New” music as new to the person listening, not new as in age – and the same goes for “Old”. I still don’t know if I agree with it or not, but it’s not bad.

Now, for my 2020 results:

I’m a big Kenny Chesney guy what can I say? I’m literally like top 0.1 percent good, not a big deal. Some people don’t like the guy’s music, and that’s fine. I bought tickets to his last concert of the tour @ Gillette Stadium August 2020, in September of 2019. Now the show is postponed to August 2021 – the openers will no doubt change but they were – Michael Franti & Spearhead, Old Dominion, Florida Georgia Line. If you didn’t know Kenny always closes his tours at Gillette Stadium with two shows back to back.

My question about the Wrapped is: What does the last month of listening go to? Does December 2020 go towards next year’s wrapped? Does it float in the ether of internet data? The world may never know, but if you have the answer drop a comment below.. also feel free to share your Top 5 in the comments below, that’s a wrap!

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