LifeTakes Is Applying To Become Barstool Detroit- We’re Selling Out!

Alright Life Take fans all over the world, we’re selling out!

Yesterday Barstool Sports made an announcement saying they are looking to expand their brand. They want to create Barstool Detroit and get their toes into every major city in the United States. That brings us to LifeTakes. We’re going to apply and we will be the voice of Detroit that barstool has never seen before. When we started this blog in 2018 our main goal was to get big enough to be bought out by Barstool, we may be there.

We will keep you guys updated as we move along in this journey but we need you guys to share and re post this blog to prove to the suites at Barstool that we have the best following/ fans in metro Detroit. We want to do this and we want everyone to see that you all want this to happen, also. Let’s go!

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