If You Think Urban Meyer Should Go To Michigan And You’re A Fan Of Michigan….. Pick A New Team To Cheer For Because You’re Crazy!

This will be a short and sweet blog because that title really says it all. Yes I understand Urban Meyer might be the best college football coach of all time. It’s very debatable. I’m sure he could do some winning if he came to Ann Arbor.

But come on, people.

That’s crazy and you should all have some pride. Yeah I know times are tough right now and we haven’t beat the Buckeyes in a long time. And Harbaugh looks like he’s done and him not having a contract extension is a little fishy. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

But are we really pulling a Kevin Durant? Wanting our Arch Rival, who toyed with us because of how much better his teams were, to coach our team is such the opposite of competition. Not to mention all the baggage that comes with Urban Meyer. If you don’t know what the baggage is then, look it up. (He has no values, he doesn’t care about women AT ALL, he recruits and coaches legit convicts and murderers)

Everything I just said is true and now that you know that, there is literally no reason anyone should ever cheer or want Urban to coach their team. Some things are bigger than sports. But not to Urban Meyer. Nothing is bigger than football, even if it’s against every moral you have. Urban don’t care.

Other examples of what it would be like if you want Urban to Michigan:

1. KD to the warriors.

2. Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and Gonzaga basketball teams all combining and going undefeated. Like that would not be fun.

3. Kyrie and KD teaming up and going to the Nets.

4. Everything you think that is bad in this world. And doing all of them.

These are all examples of what it looks like when Michigan fans want Urban Meyer to come to Michigan. It’s disgusting!!! Urban is the enemy. Anything good he says about Michigan on TV is a joke because he knows Michigan slappies will fall for it. I hate Urban Meyer and if you don’t and want him to coach at Michigan…. just pick a new team to cheer for because I know you are not a real fan.

Seacrest out!


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