I Just Watched The Greatest Running Back Performance Of All Time

Jaret Patterson is a video game player. He’s someone you create on NCAA football and try and win the Heisman. Patterson rushed for 409 yards and 8 touchdowns. They destroyed Kent State 70-41. Easy over, 68 points, never in doubt.

Remember that name when you are watching the NFL next year. He rushes for 200 to 300 nearly every game and sometimes goes for 4 bills. MAC football is absolutely insane and I love it so much. Patterson should have broke the NCAA rushing record, but Buffalo coaches took him out at the 20 yard line after he got over 400 yards. The dude could have had 9 touchdowns and easily could have had 425 rushing yards. INSANE

I love football and can’t believe it’s almost over. Cherish these Saturdays.


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