Writing In Cursive Is Lazy

Lazy with a capital L!

Another “after dark blog” coming at you.

I was looking at an old birth book with the descriptions about the baby written out in all cursive. When I say old, I’m talking about a 1905 baby. I think it was my great grandma, very sweet lady. But everything was written out in cursive and hit me how lazy it was to write in cursive.

Baxk then I assume everyone had to write with a ink pen and had to keep dipping the tip, into the ink. I’m sure people had to dip the pen into the ink so many times, when writing anything. You could only imagine how annoying that had to be. Write a word, dip the pen. Write a word, dip the pen. Over and over and over again, they just kept writing and dipping. So, people probaley said, “what if we just connect every word and try and make it as far as we can without having to dip”.


Writing in print script is much harder because you have to pick your pencil up and down. I know you all have gotten that cramp in your writing hand right between the thumb and pointer finger. Shit hurts. But we didn’t jump ship to cursive, no, we took a full timeout and kept writing until the next cramp.

So, my theory is simple, people just wanted to get their writing over with faster without having to dip their pen into the ink, like after every other word. I think it is one of the main reasons why cursive writing isn’t taught in grade school anymore (not sure if that is true) but it makes sense because we don’t want to teach how kids how to be lazy!

They will learn that in college.

But yes, I know, cursive looks very fancy at the fore front and can be used for important events. But at the root of why people starting using cursive instead of normal print is and will always be because of laziness.

We’re build different now a days.


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