Welcome To The Best Sports Week Of The Year

March Madness weekend is the best weekend of the year, no doubt.

But when we are talking about one of the best “weeks” of the year. Thanksgiving weekend goes up against any of them. And I’m not talking about all the food, days off of work, no school for the week. No, no, no. On top of alllllll of that. We have sports on 24/7.


Last night was officially the kick off of the best week ever with Tom Brady losing his 7th STRAIGHT primetime game. (Which is bonkers) Great Monday night football game but it doesn’t feel like a normal week because you know Tuesday and Wednesday work days are not real work days during Thanksgiving week. Monday is pretty much Thursday. Also, screw Tom Brady for not shaking Jared Goff’s hand at the end of the game. Loser move, Tom. Not good.


Today is the worst day of this week, solely on the fact that we have no sports on TV. A lot of people (myself) are done with the work week and normally it is full steam ahead on the 5 day weekend. Some people have 4 day weekends and if you have to work on Friday then I’m going to give you some great advice…………. QUIT your job now. It should be a crime to have to work on the day after Thanksgiving! Either way we do have the Bachelorette on tonight to help make the time go by.


The greatest sport makes its grand return Wednesday morning and we get to watch it all the way into the early hours of Thursday morning. College basketball is back. They never got to finish last year and I’m still hurting from that. Might never recover. I had tickets to Sweet 16 games in Kansas City and Covid ruined that trip. Have you ever seen the Butterfly Effect? My life will be forever changed. It is what it is now but college hoops is back and we can sit on the couch and watch it all day long. Maybe bet on every single game, I don’t know. Then, we normally would hit the bars because it’s the biggest bar night of the year. But in 2020, it will be a “boys” night. Some girls will probably have a “girls” night. While many others will have a “coed” night. Where the hell is this blog going? It is only Wednesday.


Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey day and you already know the Lions are playing at 12:30. Cowboys are on 4:30. Then a sweet treat at night with the 10-0 Steelers taking on Baltimore. We normally get ONE Thursday night game a week but not this week, we get a full day of Thursday games. To make this day better we have TWO college football games. You may be wondering? “We already get two college football games”. Yeah but one game is at 2:00 in the afternoon this week! Boom roasted!!

Gambling dream all day on Thursday. Nothing but football. Even if you don’t want to gamble, you have too. You owe it to yourself. OHHHH and we have a ton of more college basketball games on. It’s laughable how many hoop games we have. The headliner is #1 Gonzaga vs # 6 Kansas on at 1:30 in the afternoon. ONE THIRTY!! Come on it’s the middle of the week and we have day basketball games.

  1. Three NFL games.
  2. TWO College Football games
  3. FORTY FIVE college basketball games (Could have ball parked that number but you get it.


Okay it is only Friday and we are like halfway through the games…… lol

We have TEN more college games starting at noon on Friday with TWO top 10 matchups. This is where you start to think it is Saturday on your 4-5 day weekend. And it feels so good to keep telling yourself it is only Friday. It is only Friday! It is only Friday. The more you say it the better it feels. Another great day of hoops starting at 11 am. ALLLLLLL god damn day.


Can’t believe it is already Saturday. Sunday Scaries are starting to kick in because we haven’t done anything for the whole week, but you can tell yourself, “its only Saturday!!” Another great feeling. But you guessed it again. FULL slate of college football and basketball games and there is money to be made. Basketball goes from Noon to 1 am. MSU gets to play a tough game vs Notre Dame. Then we have a full Saturday of college football and big games all over the place. I know each day sounds the same and I’m writing the same shit but that’s my POINT!! Everyday is the same for the whole week. All I can do smile and think back to June and what is was like then.


We get a full NFL Sunday slate of the games. 1pm, 4pm & 8pm. Normal Sunday slate that we all know and love. ON TOP OF THAT though we get more college basketball games and today we get Michigan’s second game of the year. Another all day affair and we get sports and more sports. Truly nothing like it. The one down side to this is that the Sunday Scaries will be hitting extra, extra hard. When you have a 4-5 day weekend, you never think Sunday will get here. It is almost like we think Sunday isn’t even real and we build up to this week so much and when the last day of it comes, it is tough to swallow. If you don’t know what the Sunday Scaries are here you go. You have probably experienced it once or twice before but check the video out on the bottom. But, overall, everyone, enjoy the greatest week of the year and in 2020, you really deserve it.

We’re going to get sports starting Wednesday morning and they will go all the way to Sunday night without any down time. It is a gamblers dream.

Food, couch, sports.

Put that on a tee shirt.


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