Breaking News! Whitmer Announces We’re Running It Back, Lockdown Part II- Thanksgiving Canceled

March 13th

November 13th.

Michigan will be bunkering down for lockdown part 2 for three weeks. The only difference is that now we know how to handle this. Back in March we had NO IDEA what to do. We thought it was just traveling in the air like it was Mark Wahlburg in the happening.

Now we know though. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Just be smart. We have been living with this virus for months now. Don’t panic. We’ve been here before. Don’t freak out. We will be fine.

Easter was canceled in March. We will be okay if Thanksgiving is canceled. The Lions will still be on!

I think high school sports will be canceled. I hope not but it looks like they will be. Football playoffs are almost over and basketball starts tomorrow. Such a big blow to high schoolers and coaches all over the state.

I don’t have the exact list of things getting shut down and staying open. Looks like dining in restaurants will be closed again. Casinos closed. High schools. Movie theaters. Bars closed.

Buckle up. We’re running it back.


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