Bieber, Bauer Win Ironic 2020 Cy Young Award

Though the Tribe may not of won the World Series this year, being able to brag that your team had one of the best pitchers in the league, is a close second. He may not be a corny, pop-singer from Canada, but this Bieber is a whole lot better as he brings home the hardware back to The Land.

How good was this Bieber guy? Well ask Steph Curry. He knows a little something about being the unanimous winner and Bieber sure was that. Bieber was announced the unanimous AL Cy Young winner, making him the first unanimous Indians pitcher to do so, with Justin Verlander being last AL Pitcher to do so as well, back in 2011. I mean this dude was throwing no-hitters already when he was in the minor leagues.

If winning the Cy Young didn’t make you feel like the big man on campus, imagine winning that and the Triple Crown. Now that’s some BDE! Bieber would also take home the 2020 AL Triple Crown, meaning he was the leader in AL Wins (8), AL ERA (1.63), and AL Strikeouts (122). Not only this, but just to had the cherry on top, Bieber would also lead the AL in fewest hits per 9 innings (5.35) as well as strikeouts per 9 innings as well with 14.2. Essentially, the Beibs through everything including the kitchen sink at these guys.

However, what would be Cleveland sports if there wasn’t some lick of bad news? Ironically, the former Indian and semi-fingerless wonder himself, Trevor Bauer, won himself the NL Cy Young, making him the first Cincinnati Red to do so. Bauer went 5-4 (worse than Bieber) with a NL best 1.73 ERA (still worse than Bieber) helping them get to the playoffs since the Louisiana Purchase. Why he couldn’t do this when he was in Cleveland? I suppose playing with drones was more important.


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