We’re going to do a different type of blog Bachelorette recap this week. It’s going to be live as the show is unfolding. Instant thoughts. Instant reactions. I did it for a jeopardy blog last year when the crazy dude won like 400 shows in a row. I’ll try and find it.

The blog will be released approximately 5 minutes after the show ends. We WILL be the first media outlet source that recaps the show, and we’re proud to be that source. It’s going to be a weird blog. Probably won’t make much sense but, it is what it is.

8:00: Beginning of the show-

Doing some pre show research on Twitter and the power move by the bachelorette to run this episode during the week of the election. They could have ran this episode either of the last two weeks. Last weeks episode could have been skipped, Dale fest, but things should be interesting.

It’s go time!!

Recap from last week: I HATE CLAIRE!

Quick thought from the first two minutes. So many tank tops!!

Claire saying she respects the process of this show is CRAZY!! She has no respect for no one and especially the show. I can’t believe Claire is playing the victim card after Chris told her “the men are smart guys”. NEWSFLASH Claire…. you suck!

Claire saying “I want to know how Dale is feeling!” Uhhhhhhhh what? That’s the whole point of the show. The longer you play the game, the more you will know if the guy likes you or not!! Vince Vaughn from the internship took the words straight from my mouth..

Omg I hope Dale rejects Claire. OMG PLEASE HAPPEN.

Commercial break thoughts: okay the preview that they just showed us before the commercial is juicy! I think Dale might leave her!! WHAT. I know the producers always try to make you believe something and then go the complete opposite direction but we will see.

Here we gooo……..

Claire talking about doing it “her way” and trying to talk in a sexy voice is very very weird. She doesn’t even know Dale and Dale doesn’t even like her! CLAIRE IS CRAZY!!!!

Dale is freaking out right now hearing that story about Claire’s mom and dad.

Okay BOTH parents of Dale and Claire met hitch hiking?!? Lol.

DID NOT see Dale saying that back to Claire. I mean I kind of did but still the producers were trying to trick you as long as possible. They are in a major honey moon stage and something bad has to happen. It can’t be love at first sight.

Dale and Claire might be in love. Who knows. I still don’t think it will end up well. No way Dale wants to marry her this quick. Crazy Claire wants him too. No way it can happen.

Commercial thought: this blog is becoming pretty lengthy. Very well could end up being the longest blog I’ve ever wrote. Could become the longest blog in Life Takes history.

Claire and Dale just went to pound town and it seems like Dale is over this. Claire keeps asking “what are we going to do next” Dale just says “get me out of this room and this camera out of my face, idk what the future holds, I just met you. WHAT” pretty much what Dale just said.

“ the type of person Claire is, I just don’t think she would have Dale spend the night” – random guy not Dale. Lol funny dude.

“I NEEDED THAT SO BAD” Claire talking about her one night stand with Dale. Obviously Claire, we know you were very horny.

Proposal?!?!? At least go out to diner first.

All these men should just tell Claire to stop talking and leave. These guys don’t want to hear it, Claire.


They should get an apology. She didn’t respect them at all. And the men literally called it right in her face. She gave none of them a chance. I bet she was talking to Dale before the show started. No one she falls for a guy like she did the very first episode like she did unless she has some thoughts before hand, and they got delivered when she met him.

The one guy who said “I bought a book to help learn more about her mom”

All time move to buy a book. Im sure he had a plan, at one point during a date, to bring up that he bought a book and read it. Would have been a sick brag.

Chris Harrison walking out there and the producers making it seem like Dale is leaving is all time.


I don’t think so. We will see!!


Not the outcome I predicted. Not the outcome I wanted. But I will die on this hill that there is no way this works. There is no way they are still together right now. Present day. No way.

I could go back and change everything to make it seem like I got it right but I’m a man of honor. And integrity. Live blogging is tough, but I consider myself blue collar. That’s a wrap on the shortest bachelorette season of all time. 3 episodes! Lol. Craziness season of all time.

Commercial thoughts: Taysha is in the building. There is no way her season will be as dramatic but here we are. Everything I thought would happen, didn’t. So who knows.

Blake wearing this like he just lost the World Series is awesome. Dude wears his emotions on his sleeves and tells it how it is. Emotional roller coaster lol.


That’s why we watch. Reality tv baby!

So suspenseful watching who comes back to the evening meeting. Who will go home? Who will try and find love again? Will the men who got eliminated have a chance to come back? They should they had to chance to win from the get go.


Brand new season next week!! Unbelievable. See ya Claire. Hello Tayshia!!!

The last few videos were made like 2 days after they left the bubble lol. Like come on. SHOW US VIDEOS OF THEM TODAY. They wouldn’t dare because they are together. See ya next week. Historic show tonight. Historic Blog. Historic night.


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