Week 8 NFL Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Having to work Sunday should be a federal offense, during the NFL season. Nevertheless, that wouldn’t stop me from being able to keep up with what happened around the league this week. Thank goodness for NFL Redzone.

The Good

  • Russell Wilson doing Russell things, throwing for 4 TD’s in their dub against the 49ers, joining Marino and Peyton Manning in being one of the only QB’s to throw for 250 TD’s in their first 9 season.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs. They have scored at least 23 points in their last 22 games, with including their playoff games.
  • Joe Burrow’s ribs after being sacked 0 times in the Bengal’s upset win over the Titans, completing over 70% of his passes.
  • Another 2-0 fantasy weekend, but a decent week of LifeTakes picks going 2-1, still keeping me in the bragging rights race. Leave it to the Lions to let me down this week, but as a Browns fan I can relate and can’t really hate.

The Bad

  • Sure you maybe 6-2 now, but, how does Tom Brady let a now 1-6 Giants, come close to beating you, only beating New York by 2. Mike Evans saved your butt, Tom.
  • The Cleveland Browns. I completely agree with Baker when he said that even though they are 5-3, it feels like they’re 0-8. You can’t win games only scoring 6 points.
  • Losing last minute to the Broncos @ChargersFootball

The Ugly

  • For once not the Falcons, they were able to weasel by the Panthers.
  • Cam Newton’s hand size at almost 10 inches across, is 6.7% larger than the average hand of someone for his height, yet still fumbled the pigskin to blow the game, losing to a good Bills team, respectively. Definitely a rebuilding year for Bill and the boys. The Pats NEED more weapons on offense.
  • The still winless Jets and having to face the Chiefs, being a 21 point underdog. Only proving why Sam Darnold is overrated, making Baker the right pick for the Browns, though many critics said Darnold would be the man in Cleveland.


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