Welcome To The Darkness- Daylight Savings Edition

Yeah it’s dark.

I’m sitting here at 5:46, Sunday Scaries are creeping in and I’m trying my best to enjoy a football Sunday. I look outside and it’s so freaking dark out. Not cool.

Today is our first day of the worst stretch of days in the calendar year. Early November to about early December, every year, sucks. It takes a couple days to get adjusted too and the days are really short. It will be complete dark out at 4:30-5:00 every day until spring. But after awhile we will get used it and we all will become one with the darkness. Then, Christmas will be here and one of my major life theories is that Christmas lights became a thing because of how dark it gets during the winter months. I truly believe the very first person to hang Christmas lights were whole heartily trying to uplift the mood and bring some joy to the darkest months of the year. I mean, think about, it’s dark like 19 hours of the day, Morning drive? Dark. After work drive? Dark. So, we might as well hang some colorful lights to look at. Makes so much sense, it’s crazy.

That brings me to the major point that is always a hot topic, twice a year. “Should we ban daylight savings?”

F, no!

Daylight savings time keeps people on their toes. It doesn’t let them get to comfortable. Imagine, everyday is the exact same. Sun comes up and sets at the same time everyday. Life would go by in a blink of an eye! Daylight savings makes you stop in time and smell the roses. Most people bitch about it, but in reality it’s saving our lives.

Its 5:58. Wrote thing blog in 12 minutes. IDK if it makes sense but it’s dark out. And THAT doesn’t make sense.

6:04- I had to read through it and add a cover pic.


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