Carleton Election Preview: Meet the Candidates

I never set out to become journalist, but here we are. When an election as big as this one comes about you gotta cover it.

To be honest I don’t even live inside the Village of Carleton, just about a mile outside of the Village Limit. So I don’t have dog in this fight, or a vote in this local election. I just cover the news of Small Town USA and we have a good ole fashioned elecion on our hands.

These interviews were done via phone call. I asked each candidate 3 questions and a closing statement.

The 3 questions:

1) What are your credentials for the office in which you are running?

2) What is your vision for the Village of Carleton.

3) What are your plans for the kids?

The Incumbent: Larry Buckingham


Current President of Carleton, Former Chief of Police (Retired after 29 years), Commander of the American Legion Post,  Ash Township Trustee from 2012-2016, Chairman of the Chief Association of Monroe County, Member of Monroe County 911 Board, Chairman for the Tow Committee of Monroe County.  Ash-Carleton Park Commission (8 years) Lifelong resident of Carleton besides when serving in Airforce.


Our waste water treatment plant and sewage system needs major repairs, currently seeking low-interest loan to repair that. We have secured a 50 / 50 grant for repairs to Kent Street from Meigs St. to Jones Road the Village will put in $250,000.00 and the State of Michigan will put in $250,000.00.

The roads in the town need to be repaired, need to take our time with it as the cost is $6,000,000 and need to secure grants and loans to repair the roads.

What are your plans for the kids?

Actively working on programs for the Ash-Carleton Park, constantly exploring to get additional funds to expand the park to attract older teenagers.

Closing Remarks:

Always has been pro-active in the Village and involved in different community projects. I was on the Ash-Carleton Park Commission for 8 years. I look forward to serving the community for the next 4 years.

The Challenger: Kyle Schock


Current Firefighter at Ash Township Fire, Family’s been here since early 1900’s and don’t plan on leaving soon.


I am a younger face in town with a large mechanical background that could play a roll in our village maintence. There are many things in town that need to be adressed and possibly handled a different way if at all possible. We have a very nice Village and with the possibility of new council members, I believe we can keep the village and its citizens pleased.

What are your plans for the kids?

The Yellow Jackets are now playing at our Ash Park, its nice that the park and kids are able to play football in our town.
I want to keep the park clean for sports and have fun events for the new families coming to town

Closing remarks:

Being a younger gentleman in the village has its advantages and disadvantages, but it would be great to see a younger generation taking part in the village and keep the village a nice clean safe place to live for our families. I hope the election goes well for all. Thank you.

I’d like to thank both of these gentlemen for giving me their time and wish both of them the best of luck in this election.


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