R.I.P. Book Nook

The Book Nook first opened its doors in 1969 – now 50 years later it will be closing its doors


This is a sad time in Monroe, MI – The Book Nook is closing it’s doors after the Christmas Season said Janet Berns, owner of the Book Nook since 1994, when Mary Ackerman the original owner passed. It is currently the last book store in Monroe County, Michigan.

Personally, I discovered the Book Nook in late 2019 and fell in love with it. It is a store right out of a Bibliophile’s Wet Dream. I’m happy I made a trip to the ole Nook right before COVID came around in March earlier this year. The haul I picked up that day has kept me plenty occupied during this pandemic.

From the aforementioned article, “Between Mary and I, we got our 50 years,” she said. “We fought off the challenges from Amazon and the internet, the disagreements with the City (of Monroe) and then the fire, but the store has had an underlying condition that the virus has finished off” said Berns.

If you’d like to visit the Nook you can call 734-241-2665 to schedule an appointment. Mine is on Black Friday at 10:50AM.

It is a sad, sad day in Monroe, Michigan. This pandemic and the Government mandated shutdowns have killed small business all across not just the County of Monroe, or the State of Michigan but the entire country of the United States. It is a shame that Big Box stores are able to stay open with almost no new precautions besides mandatory masks and the clipboard employee counting people coming in and going out, while small businesses have been forced to find alternate ways to do business to keep their livelihoods open. I know that might rub some of you the wrong way, but it’s the truth.

If we as citizens of Small Town, USA don’t stop and shop at our Mom-and-Pop’s we are going to all look like Breezewood, PA (below). So my challenge to you is to stay off Amazon, and head to the Google and search for a Small Business to support this weekend and for the rest of Christmas Season.

Why the Internet Loves This Pennsylvania Rest Stop - Bloomberg

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