Done Deal! Tigers Sign A.J Hinch, Thank You Chicago!

Tiger fans everyone…. We’re back.

The hottest managerial candidate on the market is coming to Detroit. And that means one thing….

World. Series. Titles.

AJ Hinch created a dynasty in Houston and delivered a couple titles before getting fired for cheating. Donnnnnnn’t really want to get to much into that because I’m a huge supporter of the ” if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying” movement. So, I know there is no way Al Avila and boys will ever let that type of bush league play happen in Detroit so, I’m not worried about it.

Thank you Chicago because they have a stacked team and they have already proved they can win, so, it was very surprising they didn’t go after AJ Hinch or Alex Cora. I know they both got fired for cheating but they are the young, hot, fresh mangers. Instead the White Sox got 76 year old, Tony Larussa. Spelled something like that. But is was very interesting. Very next day, we, the Detroit Tigers got our guy, Coach Hinch.

Listen, I understand the Tigers are still maybe 2 years away. But, a manager like AJ Hinch wouldn’t come coach a team that he didn’t believe would have a chance to win in the near future. Hate to say it but we are taking the Houston Astro approach to re building. Just stock piling number 1 picks year end and year old, sprinkle in a couple top 5 picks. For the most part, players picked that high in the draft WILL be superstars. Just takes more time than the NBA or NFL. Point proven by the Houston Astros. The Astros signed Hinch right around the same exact time in the rebuild that the Tigers are at.

I’m just pointing out FACTS people!!

Eat em up Tigers eat em up!


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