I thought 2020 couldn’t get much worse, but then Clare Crawley entered into my life and onto my television screen.

I’m pretty sure all of Bachelor Nation is, possibly for the first time ever, on the same page.

I honestly couldn’t get to my computer fast enough to rehash last night’s cringe-worthy episode. D-Moss even get up and left the room.. it was that painful. Riles at one point had her hood strings wrapped around her neck and I thought we might lose her.. it was that awful. I’d rather watch the Presidential Debate at this point. Okay that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea here.

I am definitely positive that Clare could kill a man and not think twice about it. She’s got that look in her eyes people.

I also feel like we FINALLY got handed a mature, well-mannered, DRAMA-FREE cast, only to get a immature, barbaric, melodramatic queen. The odds are never in our favor, but then again, I probably wouldn’t blink at this show if it were filled with boring men and women.

Anyways, here’s the low down: Clare is obsessed with Dale after spending three hours with him. She sent Zach home for…. trying to kiss her? Although looking back at the instant replay she did go 90 and he couldn’t even do the last 10. Plus the grabbing and going in for more and everything that came afterward… that ain’t it. BUT for the record, he also didn’t retreat. And let’s not forget she got so butthurt that Bennett actually took the roast seriously that she didn’t hand out a group date rose. I, however, StAn Bennett.

Clare I hate to break it to you, but if you don’t leave soon, the men probably will. Shoot they might beat you to it.

New drinking game though that I saw on Twitter tonight: every time you hear Dale take a sip. Or finish your glass. Whatever works for you, we won’t judge.

P.s. Did anyone else hear Clare call him her fiancé??? LIKE WHAT. THAT IS STAGE FIVE CLINGER ALERT.

Tayshia – please be our saving grace.

Clare – you’re the worst bachelorette in the history of The Bachelorette, Juan Pablo didn’t want you, and neither do we. Boom. Roasted.

Danger Take

Chelsea hit the nail on the head. CLAIRE IS THE WORST PERSON in the world and it is not even close.

How she shows everyone else in house ZERO respect and just fantasies about Dale all day, everyday is enough to convict her of a crime and throw her in jail. You have to be a real bad person the way she treats the other guys on this show but I get it, you found love and that is the point of the show. Butttttttt the show is also about trusting the process and letting everything play out. She has 20 guys trying to show they care and she won’t even listen to them because she THINKS she loves Dale after two weeks of talking to him.

Sounds like a middle school relationship.

This could be a hot take but here me out on it………. Yousef is the hero of the show. Everyone, including myself HATED Yousef the last couple weeks and I think the producers did a great job of making him look like a bad guy. Yousef told Claire the truth and she couldn’t take it. He was here for love and Claire was here to be horny. Yousef had enough respect for himself to go out on his own terms and all the other men allowed themselves to be disrespected by Claire. Didn’t see myself thinking that mid episode but as the show went on, it was clear.

Lastly, my predictions.

Claire and Dale will leave with each other next episode. But, they won’t make it very far and I HIGHLY doubt they are together right now. When Claire is allowed to speak about the show she will regret everything and will probably beg to come on the show next year because that is just the type of person she is. Dale is also a bad guy but I don’t think he would be acting like this is Claire wasn’t so one sided on who she likes.

Also, going in for the kiss and rejecting it from him, then, to ghost him at dinner and have Chris go out there and tell him he is going home, is another jail worthy offense. Just so rude and disrespectful FOR THE OLDEST BACHLORETTE EVER!!!

Falcon Take- Alright, danger and moss just killed it but I just have to get my opinion out there. If the bachelor made the girls get naked SHIT WOULD HIT THE FAN. I agree with the point Yosef was trying to make and claire definitely is the worst but 1. he said it like a dick and 2 he sucks. If you don’t have tik tok then im about to shed some light on his sleeziness:

Click on the Tik Toc links!

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

But back to Claire and Dale, WE GET IT you guys like each other but Claire you. are. dumb. Don’t go on the bachelorette and ignore 20 other (probably much better SUITED for her) men. By far worst bachelorette, like danger said its very obvious she’s just there to be horny. The last episode was so awkward if I have to watch another Dale and Claire show i think i might puke. GIVE US TAYSHIA that is all.


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