Week 7 NFL Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Took a Week 6 review bye week, but nevertheless we are back and it’s time to for a brief recap about what happened this week in football. Still waiting for that one, knock your socks of week, as weeks past have been slightly average.

The Good

– John Hekker’s right foot.

– Baker Mayfield without OBJ.

– Ron Rivera’s final chemo treatment!

– A majority of games ending close, within a 10 point margin.

– Matt Patricia fighting for his life, slipping by the Falcons, keeping that job intact.

– Another 2-0 week in fantasy, but it was no fake walk. Just like the Brownies, nothing is guaranteed except for stress and headaches.

The Bad

– Josh Allen’s performance against the Jets

– The Cowboys chance at success.

– New York Football

– 0-3 for LifeTakes picks this week, going 1-5 in the past two. The tallest blade of grass, is always the first to get cut.

The Ugly

– The Atlanta Falcons. That is all.

– Andy Dalton’s recollection of the game on Sunday.

– Proof that the Patriots were successful cause of Brady and not Belichick.

– Yes, we’ve reached this this point, but it’s time to again have the OBJ talk, but this time it’s serious. A later article will be coming out, about how obvious it was on Sunday in the Browns, Bengals game that Baker was so much better without Odell.

Week 7 Review: 7/10


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