Rookies Bryant, Peoples-Jones Have Standout Game, Browns Win On Game-Winning TD Against Bengals

What’s a Sunday afternoon if it didn’t lead to rising blood pressures and prepared disappointment, if it wasn’t another Browns nail-bighter. Going into this week, I was a bit confused on why the Browns were only a three point favorite against the Bengals this week and after watching this game, I see why the spread was so close. Way too close to call, for no reason. Just once I’d like just one game when I know it’s a for sure close out moment.

I wouldn’t say I was expecting to win, knowing who they were playing as well as they are coming in 4-2, but I didn’t think it would be that close of a finish. But hey, Joe didn’t get the Heisman for no reason. He went off and I’m here for it, though being on the other team. However, can we please just accept that Sendejo is just an absolute liability at safety. Sure Stefanski and him were together in Minnesota, but it’s times like these when you give up dumb touchdowns like they did today, putting up 27, that I really wish Grant Delpit was back.

Though having a horrible first half, including a concerning OBJ injury, I’d have to say I was a big fan of how Baker was able to diversify his receiving targets, come the second half, throwing 5 TDs to 4 different targets.

Being out with an out of left field appendix surgery, Austin Hopper was ruled out with rookie Harrison Bryant out of FAU, filling in, had himself a day with Baker showing him love for two TDS for 56 yards receiving. Likewise, it was about time that Hollywood Higgins was back in the lineup. This guy didn’t take a minimum wage contract to comeback to Cleveland, for him not to be at least be one of your core slot receivers, especially when racking up 110 yards from the air. The other receiver I was also excited to see was the 6th rounder from Michigan, Donovan Peoples-Jones who took a play out of Santonio Holmes’ playbook, toe-tapping his way to a walkout TD to seal it for the dub. Though being a Wolverine, he was a definitely a huge sleeper in the draft this year and was very surprised he dropped as far has he did. But hey, we’ll take it!

What leads to the success of the team, is definitely Baker’s confidence, especially when he starts getting in a rhythm marching the field. Though I will for sure always back OBJ, as well as Landry, it was as mentioned that it was nice to know that we have a promising, young receiving corp that can show up when needed in big time moments. With this, if the line can be as good with their pass game, as they are with their run game, there is no reason why Baker shouldn’t have enough time to make throws, without have to take a rib shot every other play.


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