LadyTake: A Bachelorette DALEmma

Ok quick recap of last week: Clare thinks she loves Dale already, Dale seems too smug to be true, a guy wore a straight jacket the entire episode, and surprise surprise 20 and 30 something year old men are still acting like boys.

My predictions(Millenial Falcon) were absolutely wrong but now that we’ve met the guys I think we all know what’s gonna happen. Rumors have pretty much been confirmed Clare leaves the season early and gets engaged to Dale and Tayshia comes in as the new Bachelorette. Do we think they’ll bring in some more guys? I sure hope so cause I’m not so impressed with the current bunch. Blake Moynes is so sweet but I dont have high hopes for him since he didnt get the first impression rose, Clare just isnt the one for him. I’ll honestly be happy for Clare if(when) she leaves and gets engaged to Dale, but i’m more than ready for all the drama they keep previewing!!


Blake Moynes is the only exception to this rough batch of men because we stan any guy who checks up on a woman’s mental state of mind. I mean seriously Clare – how did you NOT give this guy the first impression rose? Maybe nice guys really do finish last.. lol. Just kidding. Don’t be a Dale, be a Blake.

Any who, I’m definitely looking forward to Clare’s’ exit. Wasn’t a fan of her on Juan Pablo’s season (yuck I hate speaking that name into existence) and it doesn’t look like she’ll be redeeming herself this season either. I can’t pinpoint what I don’t like about her this early in, but I’ve got that feeling. My gut knows.

In all honestly I’m happy for Clare – and for the entire Bachelorette audience witnessing this – if she does leave with Dale. But I’m predicting that they’ve already broken up at this point. It’ll be an awkward “After the Final Rose” ceremony but I’m here for it.

Um.. P.S. Is anyone else heartbroken over JP and Ashley’s divorce? They were one of the last couples to keep my hope alive for finding love in this show and I’m feeling pretty crushed after their announcement this weekend. To say I’m invested in my Bachelor/Bachelorette couples is an understatement, but I’m not afraid of my feelings. Drop your comments below if you feel the same.


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