Victory Monday!

Victory Monday’s are a vibe and 2 Chainz should be played all day. As soon as you wake up for your commute to work, all the way to your drive home, it’s a vibe.

Second victory Monday of the season and you already know, it feels DAMN GOOD! Let the haters hate, maybe check the standings and feel good about yourself. Nothing can stop you from having yourself a day.

If you follow the blog, then you should I know I’ve predicted the last three weeks to a god damn tee. I told you we would lose to the Saints. I told you we would have a bye. I even told you we would beat the Jaguars AND before you all say “yeah of course we beat the Jaguars they have the worst roster in the NFL” what are we suppose to do vs them? LOSE? It seems like most fans want us to lose. Well, I’m telling you again that we will win next week. And then maybe the next 6 after that!

The Falcons just had there best game of the season and some would say they’re hot but they suck. I’ve been watching NFL football intensively, week by week, game by game, for 10 years now. Yes I watched football in high school but you know, I know, we all know that no high schooler understands how the NFL works. That comes in your first few years of college or after high school. The top teams in the league are not that much better than the worst teams. They’re a lot of middle of the pack teams. The point I’m trying to get to is that I know the Lions have lost a lot of games in recent time but we all know that the Lions have led in ALL of those games and that means something. It means we’re very close and just need a few things to fall our way. I trust my eyes over all the radio host, tv personalities, “football” analyst. I’ve watched more Lion football then all of those people combined!

Before yesterday we lost 15 of the last 17 games and if you HONESTLY think they are that bad then idk what world you live in. When the Lions went 0-16 in 2008 I tried to watch every game. Even when National TV blacked out our games on tv, because not enough people were going to games, I listened to the game on the radio. Here comes my comparison, if you think this Lions team is ANYWHERE near the 2008 Lions team bad…. I wonder what world you are living in. Because I just don’t know.

Maybe everyone will start listening when Detroit is 4-3 after a win vs the Colts in a few weeks. But the way this is going I don’t think Detroit Lions Fans (a lot of haters) will ever start believing. Don’t be a hero, just jump on the bandwagon!

Didn’t even talk about the game. My mission is bigger than that. But damn, Deandre Swift is a baller. 14 carries for a smooth 116 is different & Two tuddies.


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