Let’s goooooooooo! The greatest reality television show ever is back and supposedly is the most dramatic season ever!! We may have heard that before but man oh man this trailer screams DRAMA!

I’m sure everyone is wondering why I (Danger) am writing this blog and the simple answer is that I LOVE THE BACHELORETTE. I started watching two seasons ago and I can’t get enough. Watching people try to fall in love on what is pretty much Live TV is both very awkward and fascinating. It’s brilliant television and I’m such a sucker for great reality TV. I thought one of the best TV shows ever was “Utopia” on FOX like 6 years ago and it was cancelled mid season and I was legit lost for the next couple weeks. Either way it is Bachelorette season and I can’t wait.

So, first let me say this is a LadyTakes production. I’m the third wheel in this series but with some unseen circumstances, I had to write the opening the blog. From here on out, the ladies will be talking over the bulk of this blog series and I will be adding my two cents from my viewing point. Which will probably be way different then the girls but whateves. Toward the bottom of the blog you can see the girls takes & thoughts on the upcoming season. I’m not 100% sure what the plan is for this upcoming blog series but I think it is safe to say we will have a recap blog after every episode, the night of, or at least before the next episode. That could be challenging because I know those Bachelorette producers LOVE throwing a random two episode week out there here and there.

Here is my take on this season. I don’t think this is a spoiler because I think everyone knows this, I mean look at the cover picture. You know there will be two bachelorettes. But, I did a little research about the bachelorette, I’m still a new fan, and found out that Claire Crawley falls MADLY in love with a guy really really really fast and wants to just stop the show because she found love. Which is ultimately the main goal of the show. So, the bachelorette went out and got a former star, Tayshia Adams, who really came to her own in the spinoff series Bachelor in Paradise. From there it’s a straight guessing game on what will happen. I heard they recorded the season in a California bubble due to Covid 19 and I’m very excited to see how it plays out because you know crazy shit happens in the bubble. No predictions for me though. I don’t cheer for anyone to win. I might cheer for people to lose but all in all…. I cheer Chaos. I love watching chaos and in reality TV, you will probably see chaos at some point I can’t wait.


OK, now for the real LadyTakes predictions. To be completely honest, I’m an on again off again Bachelorette watcher but let me tell you- I am fully prepared to get involved in some trashy reality dating show. I CANNOT WAIT for the cringiness of the first impressions, I hate it so much I love it. I’ll say it now, I think Clare runs off with Robby and they bring on a second Bachelorette(like danger said).

First reason, he’s one of the few that isn’t a former NFL player or an IT guy… and honestly based on the bios and previews, i’m disappointed with the cast. Second, the dude is a former D1 baseball player so you know he’s got that baseball butt. Third, they have similar interests and both put hiking in their bios, spoilerrrr alert.

The other potentials are obviously Dr Joe cause who doesn’t love a doctor,

Ben because he freakin writes LOVE LETTERS,

and Tyler S AKA Tyler Smith AKA Granger Smiths brother just because historically(Jordan and Jojo) bachelorettes like guys with famous brothers lol. Hopefully Clare knows not to trust a guy named Blake, Zach, Tyler, or CHASEN cause honestly that name screams douche lol but I can’t fully make predictions until after tonight and I CANT WAIT!! Check out our first episode recap tomorrow from LadyTakes own GetMossed and yours truly MillenialFalcon on LifeTakesBlog!


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