Must See Documentaries

If you’re like me and revert back to the same shows on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon you’ll love these suggestions. Lately, being hunkered down due to a broken wrist, I have branched out my viewership. 

Turning my attention to documentaries, I believe there are some that you will thoroughly enjoy. So let’s get started. 

One of my personal favorites, recently added to Amazon Prime; The Russian Five.

It’s all about the wings breaking the barrier of Russian hockey players coming to the US and playing in the NHL. 

My next three suggestions all belong to Netflix. Firstly, Icarus, about doping in sports with a twist directly linked to Olympic athletes.

Secondly, Don’t Fuck With Cats. This one is wild. A Facebook group finds a video of a man killing kittens, leading to an eighteen month manhunt to find the perpetrator. (3 part mini series.)

And lastly, The Unabomber in his Own Words. Another manhunt documentary about an educated man who terrorized America for over a decade. (4 part mini series.)

Pop some popcorn, turn lights off and get to watching.

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