Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Fornicate, Marry, Kill

Here we are again, the 41st week this year that’s coming to an end. The 3 days that everyone is looking forward to all week long, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The days/nights we make plans for, sometimes weeks in advance. For example, I made a tee time for me and my 3 buddies for Saturday, on Monday morning, and that alone has gotten me through this week. But if you had to choose to Fornicate, Marry and Kill the days of the weekend, what would it be? Let’s dive into this.


The start of every weekend. You still have to get up, go to work and be somewhat productive. Work vibes are just different, people are more relaxed and you just coast until the end of the day. But the real fun starts Friday after work, you get into your car, put on your favorite playlist and all the stress from work built up over the week just disappears. And I personally think that first beer on Friday after working 40+ hrs, is the best tasting beer all weekend.But I’m going to have to say Friday is the worst day of the weekend and I am going to have to kill her. On the sole reason of having to wake up early and still go to work. Anytime you have to go somewhere that takes up 8, 9 maybe 10hrs of your day is so wack and should be illegal.


The first of two full days off, it’s such a beautiful thing. There are endless possibilities of the things that can be accomplished on this day. You can wake up early or sleep in until 2pm, there’s no judgment on what you choose to do on your day off. But there are those times where obligations that can steal your whole day and all you can look forward to is Saturday night. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, going out or staying in. Saturday night is a beautiful thing knowing you have another full day off the next day.I would definitely fornicate with Saturday. Saturday can be filled with a lot of fun but also you might have to be productive to get some things done. But when Saturday night comes around and you know you have the whole next day off. You know you’ll be fornicating.


The Lords Day, the most loyalist day of them all. Sunday’s just hit different, you recover from the long week you just had and prepare yourself for the week coming up. You can use the excuse “it’s Sunday” to get out of a lot of things, because you have to wake up and get to work the next day. Sunday’s are so beautiful it has its own song, Craig Morgan “That’s What I Love About Sunday”, give it a listen.I wish everyday was Sunday and therefore, I would marry her and we would live happily ever after.


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