Rockets Football Is Back! Updated Schedule Released

The MAC is back! Better yet, the most slept on team in the MAC, yet alone in college football, the Toledo Rockets are back! It was announced yesterday, that the MAC have released there schedules and the #MACtion has returned. The MAC, are among several other college football conferences such as the Big 10, to make their return since the season postponement due to COVID.

Moreover, the men of midnight blue and gold will be back in the Glass Bowl this season, as the updated schedule has been released and, hot take, it’s a very winnable schedule, possible MAC champs? Too early to tell, but very possible.

After reviewing the schedule, my hot take prediction is that they will go 5-1, as they were given the fairly easier side of the division. However, the one sleeper team that will cost them their only loss, will be from Western Michigan, who the TOL has had trouble beating in the past.

With this, the Rockets are looking to make an early statement, in this shortened schedule, to have a bounce back year, as they finished 6-6 (3-5), just missing bowl eligibility, in 2019.

With this, I can say that sports betters will be happy to see the MAC return, as this conference is like off-brand Big 12. You get a lot of offense, and a lot of Swiss Cheese defense. Meaning bet the over, because points, points, point (don’t actually listen to this advice).


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