Breaking News!! FBI Stops 6 Men From Attempting To Kidnap Governor Whitmer And Take Over Lansing

Holy shit we have some real life house of cards stuff going on here. Six men from around Michigan have been in kahoots with each other about planning a kidnapping of Governor Whitmer and to take over the government. I have a few questions for these boys like first, what are you going to do when you take over the government? are you the captain now?

What exactly can Whitmer do for you guys if you actually kidnap her? Ask for money? I just don’t see how changes can me made if you kidnap her. I’m sure some bad things would have happen so thank god they intervene when they did. But it’s obvious no matter who you vote for, we can agree that kidnapping isn’t the move or the answer.

Lastly, in today’s age with technology and the ways we can track people through their phones, listen to people talk through Facebook, Instagram ads & just how much the government watches us. I think if I was scheming up a kidnap, I would use old school pencil & paper, plus maybe have the boys meet up with no phones. That’s just me though!


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