Week 4 NFL Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Week 4 was another casual week, however, we did see some pretty good nail-biters, as well as numerous players putting on breakout performances.

The Good

– Odell Beckham Jr.

– Packers football.

– Had myself quite the bounce back week going 2-0 in both fantasy leagues, as well as going 3-0 yet again in the LifeTakes picks challenge.

The Bad

– Matt Patricia finds himself among several coaches on the hot seat, as the Lions drop another close one to the Saints.

– Houston Texans fire their head coach, as they become 1 of 4 teams to still remain winless through 4 weeks.

– The Titans possibly ruining the NFL season, with several players contracting COVID.

– Cam Newton contracting COVID.

The Ugly

– Dynasty over? The Patriots did not have a strong showing against the Chiefs this Monday night, and with no Cam, it truly showed. Not having your starting gunslinger, due to COVID, to lead your team to get points is one thing, but it’s clear that there is now a QB struggle as well and will have to see who will get the starting job between Hoyer and rookie Stidham.

– The Atlanta Falcons – it is definitely time to panic down in the ATL, as Matty Ice drops his 4th straight loss this Monday, losing 30-16 to the Packers.

The Wrap Up – Can’t complain with this week, as it’s always a good week when your sports team as well as your fantasy team, as well as your weekly picks results in dubs. It was nice, for once, to see other teams on the struggle bus, that isn’t your own, and it just makes the week so much more great knowing you don’t have to soak up another long week of failure.

Week 4 review: 9/10


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