SERGIO! Wins First PGA Tournament Since 2017

“Golf is the only sport where everything is on you. You’re the pitcher and the infielders. Everything good and bad is on yourself” -Jordan Speith said something like this

When your Sunday is so bad that you can’t even watch the rest of the NFL games because your fantasy team is blowing it and the Lions lost yet another lead. You turn golf on.

Golf is on every weekend but not all big name players play every tournament. If you watch on a regular basis you will see many different players win throughout the season. This weekend the Tour found themselves in Jackson, Mississippi at the Sanderson Farms event.

When you hear Sergio Garcia you think of 2007. Idk why but that’s the first thing that pops in my head. Probably because his prime was in 2007 but he reinvented the wheel this weekend. The whole tournament, Sergio, putted with his EYES CLOSED!

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It’s a bold strategy but it works.

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He went full Michael Jordan on the field like he was shooting free throws with his eyes closed. He was putting 2 footers with his eyes closed and was also putting 65 footers with his closed. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Plus his final shot where he shut the door was the so Tiger Woods’s esq, swag. I got goose bumps.

Golf can always heal a hurting Sunday from the Lions. GOLF always wins!

I mean in what other sport do you ever see the winner doing this on live tv? Like come on!!


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