Lions Win! Drinking Blue Kool-Aid All Week!

We did it!!

THE Detroit Lions won their first football game since October 27th, 2019. Yeah, its been about a year and I forgot how damn GOOD it feels to drink blue Kool-Aid the day after a win. Let’s get this straight though, the 9 game losing streak to end the season last year, was all for tanking. I mean if we win any of those games last year people would say “The Lions don’t even know how to lose” or “same ole Lions can’t even tank”.

WELL, we did tank last year and by the product of tanking, sure, we had a 11 game losing streak but its over and all you Lion haters will have to find new material to ride with, but I’m sure it won’t be hard because 97.1 the ticket was riding the wave of “Matthew Stafford was good yesterday… BUT he wasn’t that good!” Oh what a shocker, the ticket is negative.

Either way, were back in the win column and I have a few observations. Sure, some of you might be thinking “danger only blogs when Detroit teams win”

Yeah, it is much more fun to blog, while drinking some Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid, after a win. I wish everyone would drink some but, some people have to much pride and love to cheer for their favorite team to lose out of pure spite. I’ll never understand people cheering and hoping for their favorite team to lose and get their coaches fire. That is literally the complete opposite of what fans do. PICK A NEW TEAM TO CHEER FOR, IF YOU CHEER FOR FAILURE.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Looking at the game, it wasn’t perfect or that fun to watch but it was a complete team effort and literally everyone from both sides of the ball helped win this game. Defense, Offense & the forgotten side of the ball, special teams( We have the best punter in the league & it’s not even close).

Matthew Stafford had an awesome game throwing the rock around the field going 22-31 in completions for 270 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 picks. Not much more you can do if you are a QB. Our running game came out the gates very hot but slowed down quite a bit late in the game. It felt like we were wasting first down on every possession. Looking back it makes sense because this offense leans heavy on play action. So, if we want our offense to work we need to run the ball 27 times a game, but we need to create more holes for the running game. Stafford’s 22 completions were spread out to 9 different players. Nothing new here, Matt loves to spread the wealth. Kenny Golladay made a big difference in his first game of the season. He led the Lions with 6 receptions for 57 yards and a touchdown. It was very obvious that Adrian Peterson is our lead back and will get a bulk of the carries everyday. That spin move in the first helped the world rotate a little more. On the defensive side, Tracy Walker, led the way with 12 tackles and rookie, Jeff Okudah, showed me enough for a lifelong contract. You can’t say he sucks because he is getting thrown right into the fire. Devante Adams, first week and then Deandre Hopkins…… tough assignment but all that will happen will be teaching/learning points and that’s great & valuable.

Looking ahead a few weeks, it looks great for us!

Next week we will lose. Were playing the Saints and let’s be real. We can’t beat that team. NBD!! After next week, we might not lose again for the rest of the season.

Stop me when you see a loss:









Packers……… Ok this is our next game that we will lose. But, look at all those teams and you can’t even pretend to lie to yourself and say that the Lions have no chance. Sure, we could lose all those games but you can make a better argument for the Lions winning. We will be coming into this week 8-3 and things will be rolling & roaring. Then, we finish the season with Titians, Bucs, Vikings. Two wins and one loss at the bare minimum. I’m telling you guys we are staring 10-6 right in the eye balls! You have to believe! Drink some Kool-Aid…. it taste so good!!!


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