Week 2 NFL Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Week 2 brought us one of the most spiciest weeks in football. There were ups, there were downs, there was pain, and there was satisfaction. Only two games into the season, and we find ourselves at a very interesting spot to see how the rest of the season plays out.

The Good

– My Brownies got their first dub of the season, winning 35-30 against the Bengals on some Thursday night football action.

– Yours truly continues his hot streak on the the LifeTakes picks challenge, going 3-0 yet again, keeping the record perfect at 6-0.

– It was nice to see the GOAT, TB12, back in his element, leading the Bucs to beat up the Panthers 31-17, after a rough first week loss to the Saints.

The Bad

– The entire final drive from the Saints on MNF.

– For those who still own a Samsung Intensity and have no access to the Internet from your phone, you may have missed out on the hottest headline in the sports world this week. I’m talking our friends getting into a scrap at the Browns game this past Thursday night, making national headlines on TMZ, Sports Illustrated, and Barstool (reaching 1.5+ million views on Barstool alone). What saved this story from being in the ugly section, was one of the homies dynamic, athletic ability to not drop a single drop of beer from his hand, holding his cup proudly throughout the entire debacle. (For the full story, check out our EXCLUSIVE interview with the young McGregors themselves, on the LifeTakes page @LifeTakesBlog on all platforms).

– Going 1-1 in both fantasy leagues this week isn’t bad, but going 2-0 and keeping your undefeated season alive would be even better. This comes with more heartbreak, when you have to watch that one player on your opponent’s team just rack up points, as you have no players left in play and just have to sit there and take it.

The Ugly

– Atlanta would suffer major PTSD, as history repeats itself by the Falcons yet again blowing a major lead heading into halftime. Similar to the Falcons, Patriots Super Bowl, Matty Ice and company would go into the half with a 29-10 lead. However, overpaid Dak and the boys would out score them 30-10 in the second half with Prescott throwing for 450 yards to win 40-39.

– As the old saying goes, “they’re dropping like flies” could not of been any more truer here in Week 2. I kid you not when I say, I swear every 5 minutes a player on some team would go down, a majority of them with serve injuries. There were 15 devastating injuries to key players around the league alone, not including the lesser-known players who had to get helped off the field. This would include Saquan Barkley tearing his ACL, Nick Bosa tearing a knee ligament, Jimmy G and CMC getting high ankle sprains, and evening a bizarre case of rookie QB Justin Herbert making his NFL debut, due to starter Tyrod Taylor hurting his chest in warmups. Was it a broken heart? Who knows, but this just shows how not having a preseason can impact your game both on the field and in the fantasy world.

Week 2 of NFL rating: 7/10


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