Ho-ley shit. There’s nothing better in sports than a no-doubt, walk-off home run. This one by Jose Ramirez just happened to send the Cleveland Indians to the playoffs. I don’t jump out of my oversized recliner for much, but I gave a Tiger-like fist pump when that ball cleared the fence.

Jose has carried this team for the last couple of weeks. He’s hotter than dick sauce and now he’s getting a lot of MVP buzz. I don’t know about all that, but hopefully this tear carries over to the postseason and he can get some help offensively.

Pitching today for the Indians was Johnny Allstaff. Quantrill, Plutko, Perez, Wittgren and Maton. If you wore an Indians jersey and could hit 85 on the gun, you were pitching today for the Tribe. Awesome job by Quantrill to get through 4.0 innings against that White Sox lineup. The Indians did this to shake up the rotation so Shane Bieber can start the first game of the postseason. Love the move.

Now the pressure is all on Chicago and Minnesota to hold serve and take the top two spots in the Central. Cleveland might just fuck around win the division. Crazier things have happened.


P.S. Here’s another look at the home run.

P.S.S. I wanted to formally invite Jared “The Rocket” Carrabis to jump on the Indians bandwagon through November. Padres vs. Indians in the World Series. Who says no?

P.S.S.S. I just found this audio clip after I published. I love Tom Hamilton! What a legend!


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