DeChambeau’s Dominance

It’s clear that Bryson’s scientific approach to golf works. He just showed it on the toughest stage in golf. The time he puts into his unusual style has paid off on the biggest stage. He is a US Open champion. Not only that, but he was the only golfer under par, cruising to a comfortable 6 under, 6 shot victory. Next closest was Matt Wolff, at even par.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a DeChambeau fan. The way he packed on some 40 pounds in the offseason allowing him to smash his driver 400 yards. Or drinking 8 protein shakes a day plus every other meal and his stupid hat. I don’t like it. But I respect the hell out of his work ethic.

Tiger always wanted more. He never stopped wanting to learn how to perfect his swing, even during his numerous years of greatness. The great Hank Haney elaborates on just how incredible of a work ethic Tiger had, and how hard he worked day in and day out on his swing. Always, Get. Better.

Bryson’s work ethic is similar, he’s a scientist while golfing and that is probably why he gets a bad reputation. Because he’s playing the sport of golf different than anyone else ever has.

After round three, Bryson called his driving pathetic, so what did he do? He went to the range. But not right after his round, he was the only player on the property. The sun was down, and the lights were on for him, his caddie, and swing coach to see shot after shot on the range. HE WAS THE ONLY PLAYER ON THE PROPERTY. Every single golfer had gone home, was done preparing, but not Bryson. Smashing driver and driver until he felt comfortable.

Even with this work ethic, he only hit an abysmal 23 fairways all tournament. Making him the first to ever win the US Open with that driving accuracy. That is astonishing considering he won by 6 shots.

Although I dislike him, I will respect him after winning on the big stage. And I can guarantee there will be much more Bryson in the future.


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