Tribe Bullpen Collapses in the 8th

Bullpen trust: Hand, Karinchak

Bullpen shit list: Hill, Maton, Perez, Plutko, Quantrill, Wittgren

Not great when you’re looking to win a couple of important games in October.

The Indians will make the postseason. Our magic number is now four with the Mariners playing later tonight against the Padres. But having question marks in the sixth and seventh innings is never good. Especially in the playoffs.

The guys on the aforementioned shit list can get the job done. Hill has been good. Maton has been good. Wittgren has been good. Shit, Perez has been good. He wouldn’t be in the majors for 73 years if he hadn’t been good.

But, they need to do it. We can’t have a trash team like the Tigers score four runs in the eighth and expect to get outs against good teams like Oakland, Tampa and Chicago.

The biggest bummer is that I can’t use my sweep gifs after tomorrow’s game.

Browns already won this week. Let’s close it out with a W on the diamond too.

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