The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: My NFL Week 1 Review

Football is back, baby! As I say, each time a new sport restarted its season, if you would’ve told me back in March that we’d have all 3 major sports, especially football back during this pandemic, I would’ve said you’re crazy. Like was there gonna be no football, is the NFL gonna have their own bubble? Lebron back to Miami? Actually, who cares, because we are back and it’s time to rant and give my first installment of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: The Weekly NFL Review.

The Good

– Football is back! (That’s it, that’s the first take, what more could you get excited for?)

– Week 1 brought great fortune to ya boy this week, as I went 5-0, yes 5-0, in NFL picks in both spread prediction, as well as my two fantasy leagues.

– For Week 1, I somehow managed to go 3-0 in spread predictions, taking the Chiefs, Packers, and the Patriots all getting the job done for yours truly. This victory would roll over to the fantasy leagues as I took the Week 1 dub in both of my leagues.

The Bad

Opening week had me, as well as millions of sports fans, feeling like a kid in a candy shop just for the fact America’s sport has returned. However, there are three teams I need to call out who were straight up not having a good time.

– Starting off the jeers, would be the loveable losers of football, the Detroit Lions. What seemed to be a hot Lions’ start, they didn’t miss a beat through most of the game. The 4th quarter was a different story, as the Bears would score 21 unanswered points to comeback and win, as well as a blown touchdown catch by D’Andre Swift late in the game.

– Big D*ck, Joey Burrow made is NFL debut this week and it looked like he never left LSU, as the kid looked like he’s been in the league for 7 years. However, the LSU God, would get snubbed of his first career win, as the Bengals would shank a game winning field goal, due to the kicker apparently “pulling a muscle” during the kick. RIP.

– Lastly, it pains me to talk about the GOAT aka Tom Brady in such a negative fashion, but it was not a good look for the gun-slinger on his Bucs debut. With this, Brees and company would take an 11 point victory over Brady, where Tom would pull a Jameis Winston throwing 2 touchdowns, as well as two interceptions.

The Ugly

Throughout these 17 weeks of football, you’ll begin to notice a trend, especially in the ugly column. Yes, I’m talking about my beloved Browns. These hacks, got absolutely destroyed to the division rival Ravens 38-6. Now, did I expect things to go well? The heart said yes, but the mind had to slap me around for a reality check. I didn’t count them out, but I didn’t expect that much of an embarrassment. Oh well, onto Week 2.


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