Same Old Lions

The saying of “Same Old Lions” gets old but PROVE US WRONG, Detroit. I’m the biggest Lions supporter probably in the world and I hate people who say S.O.L all the time because most people say it and don’t really know what they are saying. BUT today was picture perfect S.O.L and it’s gut wrenching. Just watching us crumble the last few minutes and feeling it coming, deep down in my stomach, just makes me want to vomit over and over. And then watching Stafford literally drive us down the field for yet another last minute comeback and it gets dropped in the ENDZONE WITH NOONE AROUND HIM!!!


1- We played awesome for 3 and half quarters. It’s almost impossible to lose a game like this but it seems like the Lions are the only team capable of pulling that off in all of professional sports.

2. Didn’t help that Jamie Collins got ejected after the first play of the game by the softest ref in all of sports. Like read the room, dude. He was trying to explain something to you. And everyone who says “he made contact with the ref, that’s the rules!” can go cheer for the Bears. Coach Kohn once told me “when you referee just use common sense.”To that ref who ejected Collins on the first play of the game…. USE COMMON SENSE!

3. Don’t blame coaching because obviously this shit has been happing for more than the years Patrica has been here. So that’s the softest and lamest excuse you can make. Makes no sense why people ALWAYS blame the coaches. When did we stop holding players accountable? And don’t tell me “well Patrica brought these guys in” WHO CARES! THEY STILL CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

4. I knew we were in trouble when we attempted a 57 yard field goal for no reason!! Punt the ball and let them go the whole field instead of half of it. That’s probably the only thing I will blame Patrica on. Like come on.

5. Offensive play calling was horrendous. So bad. I’ve never seen Stafford pump fake and throw off his back foot more then today. Nothing down field until late in the game when we had no other choice and it actually worked a little. Surprise.

6. Adrian Peterson was a bright spot. Pretty good for a guy who was just cut 2 weeks ago. But his performance will get brushed under the rug because of how pathetic the last 5 minutes of the game was.

7. Swift you have to catch that pass. Everyone has already forgotten about the touchdown you had. YOU HAVE TO CATCH THAT PASS.

We’re going to be okay. I hope. We had 5 starters not play today and I would like to think they all would have helped. Kenny G, Jeff Okudah, Jamie Collins, Two starting safeties that I don’t know their names. But that’s a lot of talent that could have helped and it sucks and hurts that we couldn’t win this game. We had the game won but, instead we wrapped it up in a box with pretty wrapping paper, bow on top and wrote a nice note saying Marry Christmas and gave the game to bears.

And the Tigers just lost to Chicago. Worst Sunday of 2020.

Must win situation next week. I don’t want to give up on the season after week 2.



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