September 11th and the Sports Memories That Followed

Shoutout to CrimeDawg and the 9/11 blog that he wrote. Hit the nail on the head with every sentence.

And while I love Allen Jackson and well up with tears everytime I hear “Where Were You“, there’s another song that gets my red-blooded American juices flowin’…

Woo-wee!! Does it get any better than that reaction (2:09-2:22)? I’m ready to put some boots to asses 19 years later.

19 years. Crazy to think that high school seniors weren’t even born yet. Merely a glimmer in their parent’s eyes.

For me, 9/11 was my first “Where Were You When” moment, like Jackson’s song asks. Clark Elementary School library. Too young to really grasp what was happening, but old enough to know that something was different.

And for me, for better or worse, everything tied back into sports. I wasn’t much for watching the news. No CNN. No FOX. I was locked into SportsCenter. So in the days, weeks and months following 9/11/01, I remember the sports stories.

I remember the story of Welles Crowther and the red bandana…

I remember Mike Piazza’s game-winning homerun in the Mets first game back in New York…

I remember Sammy Sosa, a Dominican baseball player, sprinting around Wrigley Field in Chicago with the Star and Stripes. Then that juiced up roidmonster went yabo later in the game and took the flag around the bases too…

I remember George W. Bush strapping on a bulletproof vest and walking to the mound before Game 3 of the World Series. Dude gets to the mound, throws a big thumbs up like Hacksaw Jim Duggan and zips a heater down the middle to Yankee catcher Todd Greene…

And 10 years later I remember watching a random Sunday Night Baseball game and having my second “Where Were You When” moment…


Never forget.

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