Carleton Nutrition opens September 12th

LifeTakes is happy to introduce Carleton Nutrition to the area, Mojito and CrimeDawg had a chance to sit down with the owners Shari and Drina, of the store and talk shop. If you’re not too familiar with what Carleton Nutrition is here is an expert from their website.

Small Town. Big Energy. OUR  PROMISE. 

Carleton Nutrition is 100% committed to promoting health and wellness within the community. We will be serving up healthy shakes and energizing teas, with a giant side of kindness. When you walk through the doors at Carleton Nutrition, we can promise you will leave with a healthy treat & a happy heart.  

The Interview:

Q: Why Carleton? – CrimeDawg (CD)

A: Well, being from the area (Airport Alumni) we know that though there are healthy options at different spots around Carleton there wasn’t anything focused on health and nutrition.

Q: What will you offer? – S.Mojito (SM)

A: Apart from the meal replacement shakes and (energy) teas, if anyone asked for help losing weight we can help develop a program.

What Makes it a Meal Replacement Shake? – (CD)

A: The Vitamins and Nutrients in there, 24g of protein, 200 calories, low on fat and carbs. You get all the essential vitamins that make up a meal. The calories are low enough that you could use it as a snack, if that’s the case we just take a scoop out of the shake, then it’s 17g of protein. We can increase the protein with peanut butter and we have protein add-ons.

Q: What is in the Tea? Because I had one the other day and I was jacked up – (SM)

A: We can add a lot of caffeine to them and a lot of (other) places add a lift-off to them. But, in a normal serving you have 88 mg of caffeine, so a cup of coffee. Once you add 2 servings, you’re at 2 cups of coffee, once you add a lift-off in you’re at about 4 cups of coffee in one 32oz drink. We will have those options for people that need it and it is all-natural so you might get a caffeine buzz off of those.

Q: What options do you have? – (CD)

A: We can cater to each individual. So there will be a menu if your gluten-free or doing Keto you can choose what you need. Never going to push people to get something they don’t need or want. (i.e. lift-offs, fat-burners, etc.)

Final Q: A lasting message to the people of Carleton? – (SM)

A: Shari – I’d like this to be a place that feels inviting and is comfortable. Our shakes are awesome but I want this to be a place where people come for us, Drina is awesome she’s a personal trainer and can help you out in that aspect.

Drina- I’m from Carleton and love the community. I graduated from Airport and worked at Carleton House and Farmer’s Cafe (now neighbors) during my teenage years. I’m happy to be back in my hometown.

Follow Up:

I’m really excited about Carleton.Nutrition opening up on September 12th. There are 77,000 nutrition clubs in the U.S. (that’s more than Starbucks & yes I learned that during the interview) and now there is one in Carleton. The inside of the place looks beautiful and Mojito and CrimeDawg are excited to blog on the table below.

Feel free to leave a comment on your favorite shake and tea flavors and the LT guys will be sure to try each and every one of them, we’ll even post our reviews of each flavors!

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