I Am A Full Blown Detroit Tigers Fan… (For Now)

Look at these guys, huh? Holding steady. Not losing much ground in the wildcard race. These boys might just do it.

Legend has it that I hate the Detroit Tigers. That’s simply not true (It’s very true). I want what’s best for the American League Central and all of its constituents.

I can see it now. The 2020 playoffs are starting and the AL Central has four teams in the dance. First division to ever do that. First time it’s possible, but still. Cleveland wins the division going away, Chicago locks down second and the Twins cruise to the top wildcard berth. Then those plucky ol’ Tigers come from nowhere and sneak in on the last day of the regular season. Wouldn’t that be great?

(EDITORS NOTE: I just checked my score app and the Tigers lost 19 rip to the Brewers. Yeesh.)

AND, if the Tigers get in the Yankees will be out, and fuck the Yankees, amirite? I need the Tigers to catch and pass the Yankees and I need the Mariners to catch and pass the Astros. A playoff without the Yankees and the Astros would be good for the soul. A playoff with four AL Central teams would be quite amazing. Let’s do this Detroit. Don’t let us down.


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