Did You Peak In High School?

If you’re like me, you have a savage friend group that makes fun of each other for literally everything. You get a promotion at work, you’re still poor. You start seeing someone, you’re still ugly. The list goes on and on. It’s a love/hate relationship, with emphasis on the hate.

A phrase we throw around often that got me thinking was “you peaked in high school.” While at a surface level we laugh it off and throw some shade back, there is always that second-guessing of “did I?”

When you look back at the environment of high school, there was always something going on. Whether you were playing a sport, learning new plays. In the band, learning a new song. Acting in theatre, learning a new script. Or something as common as getting your driver’s license, you were always learning something new.

As we grew up and went to college, mommy and daddy weren’t there to make you stick it out another year. You were on your own and either learned to fly or, most likely, stumbled around before crashing face-first on the concrete. We’ve all been there at some point in our life.

As we try and navigate thru the roaring ’20s, it’s clear that my friend group is louder and more obnoxious than most. But what people don’t always see is how we continue to learn and grow with each other. You won’t see the countless 5:00am workouts at the gym or the books, verses, and habits that we share during a tough time. They’ve got my (broken) back, and I have theirs.

A man once told me, “everybody gets older, but not everybody gets wiser” and that simple saying has stuck with me. Putting yourself in an environment to learn is a humbling and essential ticket for growth. During this unfamiliar time, we all are at different stages in life, and that’s okay as long as you’re not staying stagnant. Life’s a mountain, you just have to Peak at the right time. And now I have to ask, did you peak in high school?

Drop a comment with books/verses/habits that have helped you grow

I might regret this



2 thoughts on “Did You Peak In High School?

  1. I’ve been cracking open my Bible for a chapter a day since late April and LOVE IT. One of the verses I catch myself repeating often is “those that are humbled shall be exalted and those who are exalted shall be humbled” . Great post!

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    1. Love it! I read the book of Mathew during lent this year! I think everyone could benefit from that verse. Along those same lines is Psalm 51 and it’s ties to 2 Samuel. Check it out!


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