Tigers Comeback And Win 10-8… The Future Is Bright

Did I write recap blogs after the last two losses?


Do I care?


Do I think the Tigers are still going to make the playoffs?


Let me catch you back up.. the last two games we had the lead going into the 9th inning. We lost both those games. In a playoff chase you just can’t do that. Can’t be dropping games that should be wins especially when the wins mean so much.

Back to this game. The Tigers were down 6-2 in the 5th inning and after what happen the last two nights, yes, it’s easy to think the young Tigers should just roll over and take the L.

Not these guys. These guys are build different and they literally never give up. We’ve seen it over and over again. We have so many young guys on our roster who are getting so much valuable playing time and are taking full advantage of it. Few guys I want to touch on really quick:

Willi Castro, an absolute baller, just keeps hitting. Dudes just hits. Right handed and left handed. It’s funny that people would even try to bad mouth him. The kid is 21 and is the next superstar in this league. He’s hitting .350…….350!!!!

Sergio Alcantara is a name that I’m sure no one knows of. Does anyone remember when JD Martinez was on the Tigers? Well, when we traded JD, Sergio Alcantara was one of the three prospects that we got back in that trade. The first was Dawel Lugo, who is a utility MLB player. Sergio was the grand prize in that trade and when most people heard that trade, they didn’t know who Sergio was. They also didn’t want to wait 6 years to see him make his debut. But, here we are and man…… did he deliver. First career at bat for Sergio and he goes yaboooooo.

My biggest take away from this game is that we’re going to be okay. The future of the Detroit Tigers is GOOOOOOOOOD. We’re 2.5 games out of the Wild Card. We have a REAL chance at playoff baseball. But if it doesn’t happen this year. We’re going to be okay. Trust me.

News came out a few weeks ago saying the Tigers minor league system is now ranked #2 in all of baseball. When Al Avila took over we were ranked 30th out of 30.

We’re so money right now…. no one knows how money we are.


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