Lakers’ Face Real Competition, Rockets’ Take Game 1 Of Semi-Finals

Lebron and company get a wake up call, as they fail to not only cover the spread, but get absolutely destroyed in game 1 of the semi-finals of the playoffs.

I’m saying, this ain’t no injured Blazers’s team, this is some real competition that absolutely shook the Lakers’ tonight. Both Lebron and AD, put up very average numbers, offensively, with AD putting up 25 points, and LBJ putting up 20. Yes, AD did get paid with 14 boards, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t close.

For once, the Lakers’ against the Rockets’ provided some real competition with Harden being Harden; going of for 36, 2, and 5, as well as Westbrook finally coming alive going 24, 9, and 6, after his quad injury, for the last few weeks.

All I’m saying is, if the Rockets’ keep doing what they’re doing, they will easily take the Lakers’, and nothing will make me happier.

I know y’all will criticize both Harden and Westbrook for being “selfish”, but all I gotta say is check the stats. Like, especially with their assists. I’m sorry, but they’re dishing the rock more than you know.

Hot take: Rockets’ in 6.


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