Kyle Berkshire’s World

To all you “avid” golfers, wanna feel emasculated? No? Too bad. The World’s Longest Drive Champion; Kyle Berkshire just hit a lob wedge 260 yards.

Yup, you read that correctly, 260 yards… (160 yards further than my lob wedge for reference)

He won the long drive contest last year with a whopping 406 yard drive – yeah that’s long, but it’s not Bryson DeChambeau long. Bryson hit plenty of 400+ yard drives, including back to back 420+ yard drives on his way to winning the coveted Rocket Mortgage Classic (the PGA should sack up and test this man for steroid use.)

Kyle could trounce out onto the range, half in the bag, challenge you to a long drive contest and beat you with the shortest club in the bag. Embarrassing.

Honestly, imagine stepping up to a 500 yard par 5 (short I know, just go with it.) Thinking – Alright let’s pipe one 275 down the middle with the D stick, and give myself a 4 iron into the green and possibly have a look at eagle! Then this Kyle guy steps up with his LOB WEDGE, hits one 260 straight, and then has to actually take some off his lob wedge to not go over the green in two. That shouldn’t be humanly possible.

So yes, you should feel emasculated, I sure as hell do.


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