Tigers Drop Game 1 Of Double Hitter, 2-0

Tough loss for the Tigers in game 1. We out hit the Twins and Matt Boyd settled in nicely after the back to back homers in the first inning (which happens almost every game) and was dialed in.

Whatever, these 7 inning games really suck when you’re on the losing side of them. We took advantage of it last week. We have to just try and figure out a way to split this DH. Also, we need to figure out how to get out of Minnesota with a series win. Tigers will be back at 5:40 and it’s one of the biggest games of the season. As of right now we don’t know who’s pitching game 2, not great, but whoever it is has to throw strikes and get outs. It’s the name of the game.

Patriot style…. we’re onto game 2!


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